make up school

Not long ago we downstairs opened a make up school, designed to help those who favor to the final sprint of the students and to test People Adult University, after several days of observation efficiency is good, has now launched a remedial courses for students, mainly children after school, parents with children come here, then the child class word to come on the line, the children are very naive here, learning time is about two hours, rest for ten minutes, every night this tutorial will only to the end of ten points, the business is very good, to cram more and more people have. Now, it seems that people are more and more attention to education.



offshore tax planning

Today is the last day of work is a company, the company’s annual meeting, everyone is together to eat a meal, busy for a year, we all try to communicate feelings, to relax, everybody is very happy, we are very happy to play, the boss began to give us the company how not easy, how tired, especially the tax problems, it is not a company’s most headache thing, every time you make a penny to a part of the state, in the removal of all expenses don’t have much money left, sometimes also can not earn much, he said he saw a man named offshore tax planning company in the Internet, can help companies address issues, have the Spring Festival home know, if the company register again, this is not the way, that is what is not easy.


A few days my wife’s birthday, wondering gifts then, I was not choosing gifts this time of year when I most troublesome, bought it everyone happy, buynot right good birthday get everyone upset, really Jiaoren headache, work early today, I go to the mall cruise cruise to see if there is not anything novel, and take a long time did not find a suitablesaw a very pretty package called hermes, I looked at the price, it really hesitant to go, simply two grades, and then to see how not buy, or go home to inquire about the following message out to select a gift more appropriate.

wedding photography

I have a childhood friends, he is doing is wedding photography, in Beijing for five years in this industry, can be said to be very understanding of things, this came home to me this, want to be with me, because the investment in the US or not small, so want to home and I together to do this, because I don’t know him well in this industry, is not interested in this at all, but to listen to him, I must admit that I am tempted, violence ah, ha ha, now the young man married photos minimum also wants five thousand yuan of above ah, think of one day five thousand, every day a person married to me, I don’t have made it.




The two day is the birthday girl, to accompany her to the mall have a look, select a gift, almost the entire shopping malls Guangbian, there is no one like that, in the end to be out when see a shop in the activities, to the inside look, really see myself like the East West, although it is a discount but the price is not low ah, a name is birkin, I am not heard, but the price is not low, but I was intelligent, says this bag is not suitable for you, to have a well this is she cheated, I want to this package is bought, half a month to tighten their belts, oh, why women are so care about these things, there have been more.

study in Australia

Go to see my aunt at night, because they don’t have the time, had to go in the evening, is not seen for a long time, uncle aunt at home, also do the cooking, I say why don’t see cousin, also didn’t have a holiday? Aunt said he now in study in Australia, this year will not go home have the Spring Festival, there learning tension, new year’s day came back, so I’m not at home. Uncle has to take out the brew their own wine, that is often his craft, I just heard his wine also did not drink, his son what taste it, this is a taste, just the beginning of the line, then up wine, make yourself almost did not come back home, finally or take a taxi back to the home, what a shame.



kelly bag

I have always been very fond of kelly bag, can said to be obsessed with it, but we all know kelly bag is very cheap buy kelly bag back, is a luxury for women now, I remember very clearlytime, I want to buy the kelly bag on that day in the car, I saw a woman carrying a kelly bag, but to see that this is a counterfeit, not really brand kelly bag, then I think the idea is not sofierce, and say something nice, high simulation stuff so much, who can know kelly bag is true or false, and I spend so expensive price than dry some practical unless people know what’s what, so think about itI buy kelly bag they gave up years.